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We found this great infographic (thanks to that shows the breakdown of how insurance companies determine the rates for car insurance. There’s a lot of info here, but it’s really insightful to see all of the factors that the insurance companies use… An interesting fact: The average American spends $1,560 a year on car […]

We’re sure that you’ve noticed gas prices lately… it’s hard not to! Prices are rising steadily, and drivers are more price-conscious than ever. If you’ve got an older car with lower gas mileage, you’re feeling the pinch even worse. While we’d all love to just rush out and buy an electric car or the latest […]

The recent recession has changed the way that most Americans look at spending money, so many buyers have re-evaluated their stance on buying new vs. buying used. In the past, telling a “new car” person that it’s better to buy a used car was like telling a cat lover that dogs are better pets.  Now […]

Many people why away from buying a used car because they’re scared of buying a proverbial “lemon” – but in today’s economy, buying a used car makes more sense than ever. With the huge amount of used cars on the market, prices are much more affordable, and it’s much easier to find a recent used […]