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Ultimately, as a vehicle owner, you’ll encounter a dead car battery. Whether it’s the result of leaving your lights on or just an old battery, the quickest resolve is to jump the battery. Even though it’s one of the most common car maintenance issues, it probably still makes you nervous to hook those cables up […]

If you find yourself filling up a tire weekly, odds are you’ve discovered a tire leak. Locating it quickly will stop your gradual reduction of tire pressure and possibly prevent you from being stranded with a flat tire. If you find one of your tires slowly leaking air, you can follow these steps to find […]

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for that classic family road trip. Before you head out for your cross country family fest, consider having your brakes checked.  Kids fighting for endless miles is stressful enough, when you need them, it’s essential to have your brakes work properly.  How can you threaten to turn […]

Cars no longer adhere to that old standby of every vehicle needing an oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months. Late model vehicles are designed to go as long as 5,000 to 7,000 miles between oil changes. With that much time in between, it is necessary to take on the little maintenance tasks yourself. […]

When you’re standing on a blistering roadway, staring at your recently deflated tire, it’s easy to see why preventing flats is so appealing. You might be surprised at how easy it is to avoid this nasty, and potentially dangerous, situation. Though flat tires are unavoidable, our simple steps can help you to prolong the life […]

In our recent blog post about reasons why your check engine light comes on, we mentioned a possible cause could be misfiring spark plugs. We had several people ask us how you know your spark plugs are misfiring, so we thought we’d post some of the common signs in this week’s post. Your spark plugs […]

Back in the “olden days,” people used to park their car in the driveway every weekend and spend an hour or so washing and waxing their car. In recent times, people don’t seem to wash their cars as often as they used to, but washing your car is the best way to maintain your new […]

You’re driving down the road and as you stop at a stoplight, the dreaded “check engine” light pops on. You get that sinking feeling in your stomach and you cringe at the potential repair costs. You shouldn’t worry yet though – many times, it’s something that can be fixed for less than $10. It’s really […]

Many people why away from buying a used car because they’re scared of buying a proverbial “lemon” – but in today’s economy, buying a used car makes more sense than ever. With the huge amount of used cars on the market, prices are much more affordable, and it’s much easier to find a recent used […]

One of the easiest do-it-yourself maintenance tasks for your vehicle is changing your oil. It’s very inexpensive, and regular oil changes are vital to keeping your car running in tip-top shape. It requires almost zero mechanical skills – when you pay for a mechanic to change your oil, you’re mostly paying for the convenience of […]